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Introducing Becky Nova

by Editor | ezLandlordForms

Introducing Becky Nova, one of our ezLandlordForms Ambassadors! With experience in a number of different industries, we can confidently say Becky is who you should trust when it comes to real estate investing. Becky not only works a day job but is also a landlord for multiple properties, all while supporting and empowering women in real estate investing (REI).

Before dipping her toes into the world of REI, Becky spent her time conducting cancer research and eventually moved to Europe where she started her own businesses. Before taking on her entrepreneurial journey, Becky received two Bachelor of Arts degrees concurrently from American University in Washington, D.C. – in Psychology and in Law. At the University, she was a student athlete and began her career in Cancer Research. After getting a master’s in psychology from Columbia University, Becky moved to Europe, where she spent the majority of her time in Spain and Portugal. Taking a break from her cancer research while abroad, she was able to start multiple companies. These included a tour company and a beachfront restaurant. After making her way back to the States, Becky started back up in Cancer Research while also working on another entrepreneurial opportunity – landlording. With determination and grit, she bought her first duplex.

As of today, Becky owns multiple residential properties in high-cost living areas including New York and also the Dominican Republic. After finding her own success in the real estate industry, she found her passion for helping other women do the same, which is when she started the Lady Landlords group. This group strives to empower women to achieve financial independence through REI. Her Lady Landlords Facebook group now has over 22,000 women working together to support each other’s goals to reach Financial Freedom through REI! Outside of her Facebook group, Becky also hosts a podcast, provides training courses, virtual meetups and more. She has a true passion for empowering women as they take on their own journey as landlords!

Lady Landlords Course Overview

Whether you are new to REI or have prior knowledge, she has many helpful resources, like her courses which can be customized for you. Coming in 2022, Becky has a Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Investing starting February 1st and a Tenant Management Course starting in April. Within these courses you can expect:

  • SMART Goal Setting
  • Analyzing Deals
  • How to Find Funding
  • Build a Dream Team
  • Insider Tricks and Secrets
  • And much more!

Becky’s Favorite Forms

With 10 properties of her own, overtime Becky has discovered her favorite ezLandlordForms. Becky says her favorites are “the state specific leases because I know they are up to date with local legislation and the security deposit form with the move in/move out conditions as it makes my life so much easier with tenant management.”

Why Lady Landlords?

What makes Lady Landlords stand out is the network of support you receive once joining. Many find it intimidating to go into the REI industry alone, but through Becky’s courses, you will join a group of women throughout the United States who are thriving and want the same for you. Her programs encourage actionable steps and many of her members have seen success from learning and applying her teachings.

Here at ezLandlordForms, we are proud to be a trusted and verified vendor of Lady Landlords. Catch Kevin Kiene, our CEO, on her podcast to get the scoop on how to use leases and checklists to protect yourself as a landlord (aired 9/14/21). Becky makes it EZ for women to learn more about real estate investing and we make it EZ to be a landlord with over 200 free resources and state-specific forms. Together, we tackle the industry with a wonderful support system.

Follow Becky Nova and join the Lady Landlords group!


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