Tenant Death and your Rental Property

Death of a Tenant

  Dealing with a death is always hard. When the person who has passed is a tenant of yours, the stakes may seem even higher. Perhaps you had a personal relationship with the tenant. Your emotions may be running high, and you might not know what to do first. While Read more…

Have your tenants called it quits

Have your tenants called it quits?

No landlord wants to get the call that their tenants no longer want to live together. Whether they are romantic partners or not, these conversations are rarely easy. One tenant may want something from you, such as releasing them or the other tenant from the lease. Maybe they want you to take care of kicking the other person out of the unit for them.

Has your tenant fallen out of love with your property

Has your tenant fallen out of love with your property?

Although you place a tenant with the hopes that they will remain in your property for the full term, many factors can change that destiny. The tenants may have decided to buy their own home. Maybe a new job will take them to a new location. Their family situation might change. Or there could be many other reasons. (If they are a member of the military, remember that servicemembers have special protections allowing them to leave a rental agreement without a penalty.) No matter the reason, knowing that a tenant plans to leave can be frustrating and emotional. It is important to keep these things in mind: