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Does Selling Your House FSBO Really Save Money?

Selling FSBO does not guarantee more profit in your pocket just because you are saving on realtor costs. Furthermore, while some FSBO do work out well, they are not all equal, as they depend on the house and the market. This summer, between our personal homes and those of our family, we sold or facilitated the sale of six homes in four different states. Two of these homes ended up being sold For Sale By Owner (FSBO). In the end, one of these deals was the perfect situation for FSBO, and the other was a disaster. We not only had to deal with a lot of headaches, but we also lost $15,000 of potential income, even after taking potential realtor expenses into account.

Is it worth turning your house into a Furnished Rental?

One of the fastest growing trends in real estate is returning a higher profit by turning a property into a furnished short-term rental, typically either as a corporate rental (30 days or more) or vacation rental (less than 30 days). We personally have turned two of our houses into furnished rentals aimed at the corporate rental client for off-season and vacation rentals for peak season. While for us, furnished rentals have been a blessing, there have been a lot of consequences to this decision. The key is deciding if this makes sense for you and your situation.

Real Estate Investment and the Trump Effect

Landlords across the nation had a unique perspective last year when it became clear that one of their own would be moving into the White House. Real estate investors couldn't help but hope for an income boost since, while the new president's current financial success is closely tied to branding efforts, his family built its fortune on New York residential real estate.

Hopes for cuts in taxes and reduced government oversight excited investors and capitalists of all stripes, writes the New York Times' Gretchen Morgenson.

“When Donald J. Trump won the presidential election, investors seemed positively giddy about what he was going to do to improve the nation’s economy. Believing that his promises to reduce corporate taxes and curtail costly regulations would unleash economic growth, investors pushed stock indexes to new heights,” writes Morgenson.