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Use a maintenance Checklist to upkeep your rental unit

Staying on top with a maintenance checklist is one of the best things Landlords can do to keep their rental properties in good condition, reduce the number of emergency calls from Tenants, and avoid costly and stressful repairs.

That said, it can be hard for Landlords to keep up with maintenance and to know what’s worth the time and money to complete. To help you prioritize, here’s a maintenance checklist to use throughout the year.

Pest Control

At least once a year a professional should inspect the property for pest issues and treat as needed. Depending on the location of your property, this might be a task that needs to be completed quarterly or even monthly.

Look for Water Damage

At least once a year, inspect your rental property for any signs of water damage. Small leaks have the potential to become major problems. To avoid this, look for water damage on walls and ceilings and inspect all faucets, fixtures, sinks, and toilets for any signs of leaks. Fixing even the smallest leaks will help to avoid major water damage in the future.

Inspect Pipes

Similarly, it’s a good idea to inspect pipes once a year for signs of corrosion or leaks. For those on exterior walls, make sure pipes are adequately insulated and won’t put you at risk for a frozen or burst pipe during the winter.

Inspect and Repair Caulk/Grout

Check the grout in showers and tubs and re-grout anywhere needed. This will ensure you have a good seal and will prevent mold and leaks.

Clean Gutters

Clean out gutters at least once a year and make sure they’re clear before the winter. This will make sure water drains appropriately and will reduce the risk of damage from too much weight on your gutters or roof.

Inspect Roof and Remove Debris

Check the roof for signs of damaged shingles and repair as needed. Additionally, remove any limbs or debris that has collected on the roof.

Prune Trees and Remove Debris

Even if your Tenant is responsible for taking care of the landscaping, you’ll want to inspect and prune trees annually. Doing so will keep limbs from hanging over the house and reduce the risk of damage from a downed tree or limb. Additionally, check the yard for any debris that needs to be removed.

Service HVAC System

The HVAC system should be serviced at least once a year, but it’s often a good idea to have it checked before the winter and the summer as part of your routine maintenance checklist. This will make sure it’s working property, help extend the lifespan of your unit, and reduce the likelihood of getting emergency calls from Tenants at times of extreme temperatures.

Change HVAC Filters

Regularly changing HVAC filters is another way to help keep your HVAC system running well. Clean filters ensure that the system runs efficiently and puts less strain on your system. Filters should be changed at least twice a year and ideally once a quarter.

Flush Water Heater

Over time, sediment builds up in your hot water heater. This buildup can lead to problems with your water heater and reduce the life space of your unit. To avoid this, it should be flushed once a year.

Check Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

While Tenants should check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors regularly, it’s also a good idea for Landlords to test them twice a year and to replace batteries once a year.

Make Sure Windows and Locks are in Good Condition

During your annual inspection of the property, check for any damage to windows or locks. These should be repaired to keep the property in good condition and to ensure your Tenant’s safety.

Inspect and Repair Screens

Screens generally last around 10-15 years. However, they often show signs of wear and tear long before that. Small tears or holes can lead to issues, so it’s a good idea to check screens for damage every year and to repair or replace them as needed.

Touchup Exterior as Needed

The curb appeal of your house is important and a good way to show both Tenants and neighbors that you value keeping the property in good condition. Over time, paint can begin peeling, shutters will need replacing, or the door might need to be repainted. Do a spot check and make any touch ups necessary to keep the exterior looking great.

Inspect Attic

The attic is an area that Landlords often overlook, yet it often provides early signs of maintenance issues that need to be addressed. Once a year, inspect the attic looking for damaged beams, signs of roof leaks, evidence of mold, and openings where rodents could get in.

Winterize Outdoor Spigots

If you have outdoor spigots or faucets, it’s important to drain and winterize them before freezing temperatures to avoid a frozen or burst pipe.

Clean Chimney

If your unit has a fireplace, the chimney should be inspected and cleaned every year to ensure your Tenant’s safety.

While preventative maintenance might seem like a lot of work for Landlords, it’s one of the best things that Landlords can do to avoid the expense, stress, and inconvenience that comes from emergency repairs and maintenance requests.

Using the above maintenance checklist will make it easy to keep your property in good condition. For other tips and tools to help you get the most out of your rental property, visit ezLandlordforms.com.

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