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Stage Your Rental So the Best Tenants Find You

by Editor | ezLandlordForms
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The Art of Presenting Properties: Overcoming the Challenge of Unattractive Rental Ads

Finding tenants for rental properties has never been easier for landlords. With just a few simple steps, they can quickly spread the word about available units and attract potential renters. By creating a compelling description and uploading captivating photos online, landlords can easily advertise property for rent, often at no cost. This opens up a world of possibilities and brings a diverse range of tenants right to their fingertips.

Why, then, are online rental ads often so unappealing?

Go ahead; choose any neighborhood, enter a few parameters and start going through the photos that pop up.

  • Harrisburg, Pa. apartment complex: Two of the three shots are of the outside of the complex and the remaining picture is of a corner of a kitchen.
  • Kansas City. Mo. apartment complex: Fifteen of 35 photos depict the outside of the complex – eight of them are of the complex swiming pool. Of the 20 indoor shots, a few show a bathroom and they are close-ups of a tub, toilet and sink. None give a wide view of the room.
  • Santa Ana, Ca. condominuim: Ten of 15 photos of this new build with all amenities are outdoor shots.

Who bases a leasing decision solely on whether a playground has swings or whether a bathroom includes a shower? Most tenants want to know room sizes, locations of entryways and doors and, especially, whether the unit is well cared for.

Today’s tenants are discerning consumers thanks to online sites that let them spend hours window-shopping before they ever set foot in a real property. Don’t let poorly staged photos keep your rental from drawing the best tenants.

What to include in your photos and descriptions?

In crafting rental ads, prioritize presenting your property in the best possible light—literally. Dim lighting can detract from your unit’s appeal, so avoid shooting photos at night or dusk. Instead, utilize natural light by opening curtains and turning on all available lights. Ensure your body doesn’t obstruct light, and capture images from angles that minimize glare. By following these tips, you’ll enhance the visual appeal of your rental property in ads, attracting potential tenants and increasing interest in your listing.

If you don’t have a wide-angle lens, take several photos of each room from all angles. Then, note the room’s measurement so that potential tenants can see whether their furniture will fit. Don’t know the room’s measurements? Then get out a tape measure; give potential tenants something to work with.

Photograph the entryways, doorways and halls because, even though they may not be exciting views, tenants will spend time in them daily. They want to know if the kitchen is steps from the front door, or is down a hall and around a corner.

More is better. Don’t skimp on photos. It’s better to have too many than too few pictures and, for goodness sake, don’t post any shots that are blurred. It costs nothing to take and post photos.

What to leave out of your photos and descriptions?

When you advertise property for rent, captivating visuals are key. Opt for images showcasing vacant or staged units, allowing tenants to envision their furniture in the space. However, when transitioning between tenants, ensure photos are clutter-free, devoid of any mess. This maintains the allure without misrepresenting the property. With appealing, clean visuals, your rental postings stand out, attracting potential tenants effectively.

That means that the kitchen sink should not be filled with dishes, trash cans should be out of view and the bathroom should sparkle. If your current tenants are incurable slobs, hire a cleaning service and schedule a photo shoot for a time that current tenants will be out. If your current tenant makes poor use of space in your rental, do your best to photograph the best views while leaving out their clutter or poor furniture arrangements.

Before you aim your lens, ask yourself the following:

  • Does the space look tidy?
  • Are there items that are better left out of the shot?
  • Have you removed cleaning tools such as brooms, dustpans and mops from view?
  • Is the toilet lid down?

Extra steps for better presentation

Typically, walls are painted and other upgrades are made before each new tenant. If new kitchen cupboards aren’t in the budget, at least change out cupboard and drawer pulls. Adding modern hardware takes years off an older kitchen or bath.

If new carpet isn’t in the budget just yet, use one of the abundant products for removing stains or have rugs and carpets professionally cleaned.

Nothing dates a unit and deters potential tenants more than a worn out front door and foyer. Apply a coat of paint to the door and add a plant, mirror and rug inside the door. A welcoming entrance gives visitors that important first impression.

Don’t cut corners when it comes to sharing the best images of your rental property. You may know that your units are better than other rentals in your market; but, if the photos don’t project it, you won’t get the interest you need to draw the best tenants.


  1. Why is it easier for landlords to find tenants now compared to before?
    The rental market has experienced a major shift in recent years. Landlords who previously struggled to find tenants are now breathing a sigh of relief thanks to a new advertising toolkit available to them. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have made it easier for property owners to advertise their properties for rent and reach a wider audience. Furthermore, online rental marketplaces like Zillow and Apartments.com have made it easier to showcase properties to potential tenants. The availability of these platforms has dramatically reduced the cost and time it takes to advertise property for rent and reach prospective renters. With such a vast array of resources available, landlords can now more easily connect with potential tenants no matter where they are in the world, leading to a smoother and more profitable renting experience.
  2. Is there a cost associated with advertising rental properties online?
    Deciding to advertise a property for rent is an exciting step towards finding the perfect tenants. However, there are some things you should consider before posting your listing online. One of the most common questions landlords have is whether there is a cost associated with advertising rental properties online. The answer is that it depends. While there are plenty of websites where you can post your rental listing for free, there are also paid options that offer more features and visibility. It’s essential to do your research and understand the costs associated with each platform before choosing where to advertise your property for rent. Ultimately, the goal is to find the right balance between exposure and cost-effectiveness to attract your ideal tenants.
  3. What types of tenants can landlords attract through online rental ads?
    Looking to advertise your property for rent but unsure of what types of tenants to expect? Well, the world is your oyster when it comes to online rental ads! From young professionals to retirees, students to families, and everything in between, the internet has made it possible for landlords to reach a wider pool of potential renters. By highlighting the key features of your property and emphasizing the benefits of living in the area, you can attract a diverse group of tenants who appreciate what you have to offer. So why limit yourself to a specific demographic when you can open up your doors to a variety of renters? Embrace the power of online rental ads and watch your property attract tenants of all types.
  4. How can landlords ensure their online ads reach a diverse range of potential tenants?
    Renting out a property can be a great way to make some extra cash. But, in today’s world, advertising your property for rent can be a bit challenging. It’s important to make sure your online ad for your property rental reaches a diverse range of potential tenants. There are several ways to ensure you’re reaching the broadest audience possible, such as using inclusive language, highlighting key features of the property, and posting your ad on multiple rental listing sites. With a little effort, you can make sure your property rental ad is seen by a variety of potential renters, allowing you to find the perfect tenant for your property.
  5. Can landlords benefit from using social media to advertise their rental properties?
    If you’re a landlord on the hunt for new renters, social media could be a lifesaver. With platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you have access to a vast audience of potential renters that you can advertise your property to. What’s more, social media provides a much more dynamic and interactive way of showcasing your rental, allowing you to connect with prospective renters, answer any questions they may have, and build relationships with them. So if you’re looking to advertise your property for rent to a wider audience and in a more engaging way, social media is definitely a tool worth considering.

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