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Nice Landlord or Mean Landlord

by Editor | ezLandlordForms

Many Landlords make the mistake of getting too emotional and personal with their Tenants.Some Tenants are very skilled at creating this type of relationship.

It is very important for a Landlord to realize that getting too friendly or emotionally involved may not only end up costing a lot of money, but wasting much time as well as leading to legal headaches. Keeping business, business is very important if you want a successful real estate investment career.

It is okay to be friendly but it is important to keep a bit of distance as well. Using letters and e-mails is much better than visiting your Tenants or making phone calls. Not only does this provide the necessary distance but it provides a tangible trail of communication. It also avoids the “he said, she said” scenario.

A Landlord will look more credible in court with proof of notice. The more proof, the better. Tenants sometimes lie. Having written documentation is excellent proof for court.Telephone calls and verbal communication is not going to hold weight in an eviction hearing.

Phone calls and visits to the Tenant may also leave the Landlord open for arguments and even danger. Keep these to a minimum. Some Tenants are very skilled at deluding a Landlord with intimidation or just being too friendly, believing these tactics may prevent them from being evicted.

So can you be a nice Landlord? Yes, it is possible to be nice without getting emotionally involved. Have a good Lease that sets up the rules. Use written communication to notify your tenants of any Lease violations, change of Lease terms or to assist with rent collection.

ezLandlordForms gives the Landlord an easy way to communicate and keep track of all communication with your tenants. It assists you in creating a state specific Lease and gives access to over 65 documents.

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