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Good tenants are easier to keep than they are to find. A good landlord knows this and tries to keep around the good ones who pay their rent month after month. Here are five of the best perks to offer tenants to keep them happy.

Dog Park

A landlord who not only allows pets but welcomes them is a popular landlord. More apartment complexes today are offering dog parks for tenants who have canine roommates, which is a great way to keep your tenants engaged. The bonus: It will also keep stray dog waste contained to one part of the property. Offer — and frequently restock — free plastic dog waste bags and many of your tenants will pick up after their pups, too.


Security is a big concern among renters. Ease those fears by offering security perks.

From surveillance cameras in the parking lot to alarm systems to smart locks that let tenants monitor via cellphone who is coming in and out, you have multiple options to offer to your tenants as perks. Some of these perks could also lower your insurance rates, too.


Tenants need a place to park, but so do their visitors. If possible, assign a permanent parking spot to each tenant, and have extra, visitors’ parking. If you have space, this is easy to do. And in some cities, if you don’t offer free parking, it’s easy to lose a tenant over the parking alone!

Smart thermostats

A smart thermostat allows your tenants to control the temperature in their apartment homes with their phones. It helps them save money and lets them warm it up or cool it down before they get home — a great perk that will keep tenants happy. There are many good smart thermostats to choose from, so research carefully to make sure you pick one that works the best with your multifamily property.


Yards are a trendy perk that some landlords can offer tenants. Not much space? Create a communal yard where tenants can relax and enjoy the outdoors. Yards can seem high maintenance, but they don’t have to be. Grow native plantsand the upkeep will be cheaper and less time-consuming Hire a yard service to maintain the yard or yards, and not only will you be taking a chore off the hands of your tenants, but you’ll also make sure the yard stays in good shape and remains a perk your tenants will enjoy. Most tenants are easy to please. They want a place to call home, an apartment community that makes them comfortable and a landlord who responds to their concerns. The best perks to offer tenants (to keep them happy) address fundamental issues, such as where to park, and safety. Those perks will help you keep those tenants signed to leases in your community for a long time to come.

Emily Higgins is a writer and homeowner inspired by retro pinup she is constantly working on revamping her fixer-upper to have a more chic vintage style. When she’s not working on remodeling, she can be found tending to her organic garden and cooking for family and friends.

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