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Helpful Video Resources for Landlords

by Kevin Kiene
Landlord Resources Lease Builder

As so many things have changed in recent months in rental markets, it’s more important than ever for landlords to be informed, prepared, and efficient when dealing with tenant and property management issues. Thankfully, taking a few minutes to review some basic tips and tools can help to make things easier and smoother for landlords and property managers alike. Here are a few key areas to focus on in our resources for landlords:

Resources for Landlords

Tenant Move-In Support

New-tenant move-in is one of the most important and time-consuming tasks for landlords and property managers. The first interaction with new tenants is an important time for sharing key information, establishing good lines of communication, and ensuring that both parties understand relevant responsibilities and regulations. As a result, it’s important to have a thorough process and procedure for move-in including:

  • Reviewing details and aspects of the lease that are particularly important
  • Reminding tenants to turn on utilities that they are responsible for prior to moving in
  • Discussing the importance of renters insurance and ensuring that tenants understand that the landlord’s insurance does not cover the tenant’s belongings
  • Ensuring that tenants are familiar with key aspects of the property prior to moving in, for example where the breaker box is, how to access the water shutoff, waste management information, and parking regulations
  • Discussing who is responsible for landscaping and maintenance and how those issues should be handled.

Getting off to a good start is an important way to ensure a good landlord-tenant relationship. Reviewing these tips and the complete move-in video will help to make the process easy and productive.

ezLandlordForms Featured on Designing Spaces

Another resource that provides helpful information for landlords and property managers is a clip from Designing Spaces, which talks about the business of being a landlord and provides practical tips for first-time landlords. The segment featuring ezLandlordForms covers some key topics including:

  • How to go about finding a tenant
  • How to effectively screen tenants
  • The importance of using a good lease agreement
  • Advice for landlords to ensure their property remains in good condition

To learn more about these topics, watch the full video, which shares important foundational information, and is five minutes well spent.

Kevin and the Lease Builder Wizard

ezLandlordForms was founded to address a common problem for landlords and property managers – an inability to access all the rental documents and forms needed. To address this problem, ezLandlordForms put together a team of landlords, property managers, attorneys, and realtors to create a complete set of rental forms to be available for everyone.

What the team created quickly became the fastest and easiest way for landlords to access necessary documents and forms, and ezLandlordForm’s resources have grown to include over 80 state-specific documents, covering everything from rental applications to eviction forms.

While landlords can access all documents necessary, the most important document available on the site is the lease. Understanding that a comprehensive lease is essential to having a successful experience as a landlord, ezLandlordForms created a specific tool that allows landlords to make personalized, state-specific leases.

The Lease Builder Wizard lets landlords create and customize a lease in minutes by easily checking off and selecting applicable rules and regulations. Additionally, its state-assist technology keeps landlords current on the binding laws of each state, giving landlords immediate access to up-to-date state-specific leases. To make things even easier, the tool allows landlords to access a package of all lease documents required in their state as well as any additional documents needed, for example, a move-in and move-out condition checklist, a zero tolerance for criminal activity form, or a lead-based paint disclosure.

Perhaps best of all, landlords simply enter tenant and property information once, and it’s auto-filled throughout all necessary documents. Finally, the customized documents can be saved and used again. Watch the video to learn more about this helpful tool or try it for yourself with a free account.

Right now, landlords and property managers have more logistics and issues than ever to deal with and to worry about. Thankfully, there are lots of resources and tools available to make the experience as a landlord successful, rewarding, and as easy as possible. Visit ezLandlordForms’ resource library or Lease Builder Wizard now to take advantage of these tools.

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