Alabama Landlord Tenant Law and Regulations

How much can I charge for rent?
Alabama does not restrict the amount of rent a Landlord is permitted to charge. Therefore, a landlord may charge whatever he feels necessary. Additionally, the state of Alabama has not established rent control or stabilization.

May I charge an application fee, late rent charge or a returned payment fee?
Reasonable cost should always be kept in mind when instituting any charges. Although there are no limits placed on the amount a landlord can charge for the above stated fees, landlords should always execute caution and fairness.

How do I handle a security deposit?
The security deposit may not exceed an amount greater than one month’s rent. The collection of the last month’s rent in advance; in addition to the security deposit is not permissible. Alabama Landlord Tenant statutes contain no specific criteria regarding the acceptance of a non-refundable pet deposit, key or lock deposit.