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The Best Online Real Estate Investing Courses

by Emily Koelsch
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Whether you’re a new or experienced real estate investor, it’s important to continue learning about the industry and educating yourself about best practices with the Best Online Real Estate Investing Courses. There are plenty of books, podcasts, and articles that serve as great resources; however, if you’re looking for more comprehensive guidance and in-depth information, real estate investing courses can be a great option. 

The good news is that there are a lot of online real estate investing courses available. The bad news is that this sometimes makes it overwhelming to pick a course. To help you find the course that’s right for you, here are a few of our favorites. 

Best Online Platform for Real Estate Investing Courses: Udemy 

Udemy offers a number of courses on different topics that investors need. This means you can pick the course that best meets your current needs and continue taking courses as you grow. Plus, they’re affordable and user-friendly, and the platform has a track record of success. 

Here are a few highlights from their course offerings: 

  • The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Course “Essentials”: This course covers the basics of single-family real estate investing, including rentals, fix-and-flips, and wholesaling. It has 94 lectures and nearly 42 hours of content. You can purchase it for $14.99 or access it as part of a $16.58 monthly Udemy subscription. 
  • Fundamentals of Analyzing Real Estate Investments: This real estate investing course provides users with the fundamentals of analyzing residential and commercial real estate deals. It includes 18.5 hours of videos, 152 lectures, and 69 downloadable resources. You can purchase the course for $19.99 or access it as part of your Udemy subscription. 
  • The Real Estate Financial Modeling Bootcamp: This course teaches users how to build a real estate financial model from scratch. It includes 9.5 hours of videos and includes downloadable resources and articles. It’s $19.99 to purchase or free if you have a monthly subscription. 
  • The Complete Guide to Multi-Family Real Estate Investing: This real estate investing course gives users a step-by-step guide for analyzing and acquiring multi-family properties. It offers about 7.5 hours of content split up into 82 lectures. It’s $24.99 to purchase if you don’t have a subscription. 

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Best Interactive & Comprehensive Course: Roofstack Academy

Roofstack Academy offers a real estate investing course that helps users learn to build passive income through real estate investing. It focuses on how to buy rental properties and how to scale a rental portfolio. 

The things we love about this program are that it offers 1-on-1 time, a personalized action plan, member forums, and local meetups. Plus, it’s run by an experienced team, has appealing designs, and offers a good user experience. 

While there are plenty of benefits to this curriculum, there are a couple of significant downsides. First, right now they’re not taking new students, so investors have to wait until another enrollment period opens. Second, it’s more expensive than other programs and is around $1,000 for the complete course. 

Best Free Real Estate Investing Course: Property Hub University 

Property Hub University covers all of the key topics of real estate investing. It offers videos, podcasts, articles, and webinars covering a range of real estate investing topics for both beginners and more experienced investors. 

The best thing about this program is that it’s free and includes quality content. It’s not as user-friendly to work through the content as other platforms are, but if you want to learn more about investing without spending any money, this is a good option. 

Best Course for New Investors: Investing in Single-Family Rentals 

This free course by Udemy is a great first course if you’re considering real estate investing. It’s short (less than 2 hours) and basic but covers some of the essentials of getting started in the industry. Topics include analyzing deals, establishing investment criteria, and assessing risk. It’s free, short, and informative, making it a great option for new investors. 

Best Course for Multi-Family Investing: Apartment Investor Mastery

Investor Brad Sumrok offers a number of courses and trainings to help investors get started in multi-family investments. He offers a free 5-day training as well as an Introduction to Apartment Investing home course. His courses provide a good foundation on the benefits of multi-family properties, how to find and close deals, and how to manage and improve multi-family units. If you’re considering getting started with a multi-unit property, his courses are a good first step. 


How can I effectively learn about real estate investing?

The best way to learn about real estate investing is through hands-on experience. Get involved in the industry by attending networking events, shadowing experienced investors, and actively seeking mentorship. Dive into educational resources, books, podcasts, and online real estate investing courses to broaden your knowledge. Embrace a curious mindset and learn from both successes and failures.

Which course is best for real estate?

When it comes to choosing the best real estate investing course, it’s essential to consider your specific goals and learning style. Personally, I found the Fundamentals of Analyzing Real Estate Investments course to be incredibly valuable. It provided in-depth knowledge of Airbnb Properties, Fix & Flips, etc. Research and explore different options to find the course that aligns with your needs.

Is investing in real estate a good way to get rich?

From my personal experience, investing in real estate can indeed be a lucrative avenue to accumulate wealth. However, it’s crucial to approach it with a long-term mindset, conduct thorough market analysis, and make informed investment decisions. Diversifying your portfolio and staying updated with industry trends can also contribute to financial success.

Is real estate investing hard?

Real estate investing can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. It requires research, learning, and a strategic approach. With dedication and persistence, anyone can navigate the complexities and find success in this investment opportunity.

What are the 3 primary ways that real estate investors generate income?

Real estate investors make money through rental income, property appreciation, and strategic flipping. Rental income provides consistent cash flow, while property appreciation allows for long-term value growth. Flipping involves buying distressed properties, upgrading them, and selling them for a profit.

What is the key to becoming a millionaire through real estate investing?

Becoming a millionaire through real estate investing requires a long-term approach. Focus on acquiring profitable properties, leveraging financing wisely, and optimizing cash flow. Continuously educate yourself, adapt to market trends, and employ strategic wealth-building techniques to reach your financial goals.

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Emily Koelsch, ezLandlordForms Contributing Writer

Emily Koelsch WriterEmily Koelsch is a freelance writer and blogger, who primarily writes about business, real estate, and technology.



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