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There are obvious reasons why civilian business owners should give back to military service members, which any citizen would find easy to recite: appreciation for standing as the first line of defense, recognition of the losses suffered in order to protect the rest of our society, acknowledgement of service and frequent hardship.  These are all excellent reasons, but you already know them.

Coined the Military Discount Movement, the idea is simple: businesses offer veterans and active-duty military members a discount, and in return earn their patronage and loyalty. 

There are roughly 21.4 million veterans living in the United States, and approximately 1.4 million active duty military servicemen and –women in the United States (most recent data as of 2013).  A significant consumer base, by any standard, and a cohort of citizens who have already demonstrated a tendency towards loyalty.

The unemployment rate among vets who have served since 2001 is substantially higher than the population at large, with an unemployment rate of 9%.  If anyone appreciates a discount, it is a member of the unemployed.

The Military Discount Movement urges businesses to offer veterans and active-duty military members a discount, no matter how small, as both a symbolic and financial acknowledgement of servicemen and –women’s dedication and sacrifices to protect their country.  The discount can be budgeted as a marketing expense, and of course companies can (and should) broadcast as loudly as possible their military discounts and dedication to giving back to those who have given so much for us.

Consider this parting thought – for right or wrong, better or worse, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were designed with a very specific purpose in mind: taking the “War on Terror” overseas and away from American civilians.  By creating targets closer to home for Islamic extremist terrorist organizations, the United States and their allies have largely contained these types of terrorist attacks to the Middle East, but at the cost of military service members.  Our soldiers have, in a very real sense, been placed strategically as targets, much as a matador waves a red flag away from his body.  The ethics and efficacy of such a strategy are open to debate, but one thing is certain: the people who volunteered to be put in harm’s way deserve a “Thank You”, and a simple and effective way that businesses can thank them is a discount.

Please consider joining the Military Discount Movement, and please pass this request along to any business owners you know who might consider offering a military discount.


EzLandlordForms offers a military discount of 20% to both active-duty and veteran members of the military. 

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