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ezLandlordForms Press Release

by Editor | ezLandlordForms

Landlords and Property Managers Vote YES for New One-Stop Online Document Resource

New website ezLandlordForms.com is the Internet’s only state-of-the-art document system for landlords, providing state specific lease agreements and a complete library of documents for efficient property management.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PRWeb) November, 2006

The newly launched website of EZ Landlord Forms, LLC is the Internet’s only state-of-the-art document system for landlords. Founder J. Kevin Kiene developed the company based upon insights he has gained in more than 16 years as a landlord, with a background managing over 250 properties, and a wealth of experience working in the technology sector.

Unique Services Make Managing Easy

EZ Landlord Forms provides online legal forms for landlords that are “simple to create and just as simple to use,”says Kiene. “Our goal is to make landlording as easy as possible by providing all the documents needed for property management.”

“Our system pre-fills the forms for the landlord,” explains Kiene. Landlord and Tenants Address fields are automatically inserted into all mail-able documents so they may be used with window envelopes. “We also are the only online company that logs documents sent to tenants, and documents may be sent by email with a confirmation.”

Safe and Legal

Kiene says EZ Landlord Forms is further distinguished as the only system that offers State Assist, guiding investors in the lease creation process, ensuring that leases conform to the laws of individual states.

“A good lease is a landlord’s best protection in court,” Kiene observes. “I have hired over 50 attorneys from across the US to provide the legal information required for our state specific clauses and State Assist.”

To further protect landlords and create a “paper trail,” the company’s Document Log “ensures that all notices sent to tenants are documented,” says Kiene.

Kiene notes that EZ Landlord Forms is the only company that allows landlords to build a customized ‘lease package.’ Each document is dynamically numbered and can include an auto-generated table of contents “to further simplify a property manager’s work,” he says.

“Our system lets landlords include other documents with the lease in a package that they can personally tailor to their needs.”

Created by A Landlord For Landlords

EZ Landlord Forms was the natural outgrowth of Kiene’s personal negative experience trying to automate his business processes. “Every set of documents I tried was incomplete, incorrect, or just plain too cumbersome to use,” reports Kiene. “I was so frustrated that I decided to create my own document system.”

A project that began as a quest for a personal solution would soon evolve into a professional success story that Kiene wanted to share with other landlords and property managers.

Kiene used his computer skills and landlord experience to develop EZ Landlord Forms, a one-stop online resource that landlords may access day and night to get the documents they need for effective property management. “I’ve distilled the best information I could find down to the essentials,” he reports. “These documents have professionally designed, professionally written, and I’ve personally overseen the creation of each one to ensure that they meet my very stringent standards for excellence.”

A Place For Landlords To Get Help Along With Forms

Kiene points to the input of “one of the best web programmers in the industry” as a key component to EZ Landlord Forms functionality and user-friendly interface. “Even non-computer users and techno-phobes will find our system easy to use,” says Kiene.

A question and answer section for landlords helps solve lingering problems. “We also provide free articles and free newsletters,” says Kiene. “The site is a lively forum for exchanging tips and advice among fellow landlords.”

More Success With Less Work and Less Money

Part-time landlords, full-time property management companies and real estate agents/brokers may all benefit from the automated approach offered at EZ Landlord Forms. “Our state specific Lease Agreements and complete library of documents translate into reduced paperwork and more efficient management regardless of how many properties you own,” says Kiene.

“Some property managers may be able to reduce their workforce along with the number of hours they’re putting in themselves,” says Kiene. “And that translates into less expense and more profits.”

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