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The application process can be tricky. As the landlord, you are trying to get as much useful information as you can, while the applicant may have other concerns. You may be dealing with applicants who are local or from out of state. In today’s world, there is no reason to be juggling a mix of email, text, and paper copies. The application process can be streamlined for everyone involved by taking advantage of an online screening process, like the one offered by ezLandlordForms. What are the parts of a tenant screening and how do you get each piece completed using electronic record keeping?


Through our online portal, ezLandlordForms allows you to send a screening application to multiple potential tenants.

Background and Credit Check

Once you have reviewed your potential tenants, you can choose the best one or two applicants and move forward with additional screenings. Through ezLandlordForms you can send order a background and credit check. Our system streamlines the payment process, as you can select who pays! The credit check will give you lots of important information; in addition to the credit score itself, be sure to take into account items like late payments, open accounts, and overall debt burden. You can add an optional eviction report as well.

Pay Stubs

The standard requirement is to see income of three times the rental amount for a given time period. Pay stubs can easily be sent electronically through email.

Driver’s License

This is an item that can be scanned and sent through email if you would like to have it electronically.

Electronic Storage

With web-based email or document storage, you can feel confident that the documents you need are always close at hand. Just as you would with any paper record keeping, be sure to stay up to date on virus protection, firewall security, and secure web protocols to protect yourself and your applicants.

Landlord Recommendations

When obtaining a recommendation from a previous landlord, whether over the phone or in writing, always keep the human factor in mind. Landlords who fear a lawsuit may not offer much information other than confirming basic facts. A landlord who is encouraging a tenant to move elsewhere might not tell you full story, out of concerns that the tenant will not find a new place to live. No two people get along in the same way, so be wary of extra baggage in the tenant-landlord relationship.

Screening Is Not Your Only Defense

Hopefully the screening process helps you to find the best tenant you can. But it’s impossible to predict what will happen during the course of a lease term, even with the best tenant. Your lease is the legal protection that the relationship will proceed with certain expectations and consequences. Remember to write a lease to protect your investment and your interests, even when you think an applicant will make the perfect tenant.

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