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Pinnum as a Property Management Safety Tool                                                                              By Brian Davis

Consider the following hypothetical situation: you are a property manager and are meeting a prospective tenant to show a rental property in a rougher part of town, and you want to make sure your business partner knows where you are.  Or perhaps your husband owns rental properties and routinely visits lower-end neighborhoods to pick up cash rent payments, and you worry when he fails to pick up your call one night while on such a trip.  A new smartphone app known as Pinnum is designed for just such a scenario.

Pinnum allows you to connect other phones to your account, so you can see on a map where all of them are at any given moment.  And if that sounds like a flagrant breach in your or your partner’s privacy, you can enter “stealth mode” at any time to prevent your GPS location from appearing to others.

Imagine all of the situations in which it would be nice if you could know where your friends, family or coworkers were; you want to check how close they are so you can start making dinner, or you want to make sure they made it to the airport in time to catch their flight, or you are worried about their safety while showing rental properties after dark. 

Perhaps when buying a new gas stove on Craigslist for a rental property, and driving to an unfamiliar area to meet a stranger and inspect the stove, it would be a comfort to alert someone on your network what your plan is, and when to expect your safe return.  They can check in on you periodically, and call if your stay is longer than expected. 

Old timers and new mothers love to harp that the world is becoming a more dangerous place, which is probably a matter of opinion, but the fact is that today's world certainly allows for closer connectivity over distances.  The simple reassurance that someone who cares about your safety knows your exact location can mean the difference in accepting that new client with the lower-end rental properties, boosting your management portfolio.  It can also mean your spouse or business partner can rest easier, knowing that they can direct the police to your location if you remain in dangerous areas longer than predicted and fail to answer the phone. 

And, for better or worse, you can even tell where your children are 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

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