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Should you add your tenant to your social media accounts?

by Editor | ezLandlordForms

As social media becomes more popular, and as ubiquitous as emailing, texting, or calling, you may be wondering whether to engage with your tenant on social media.


Easy communication

With almost everyone having a twitter, facebook, or snapchat account on their phone, it is simple and convenient to communicate via social media. These apps may be more reliable than cell phone reception, especially when working internationally.

Keep an Eye on the House

On social media, some people let their guards down. As they show images of their everyday lives, they may also reveal pets that are not allowed, drawings on the wall by their kids, and other activities that violate the lease agreement. Following them on social media can allow you to keep an eye on your property without invasive inspections. This may allow you to catch minor things before they turn major.


Exposure to Your Life

As much as you are able to see into the tenant’s life, they will be equally able to see yours if you connect electronically. Not only will they be able to observe your life milestones, but also when you kid paints your carpet with flour or your dog chews the molding. This sort of familiarity may make your interactions feel awkward or hypocritical. It may make it harder to enforce the rules when your tenant has seen candid scenes from your life.

Tenants May Feel Like You Are Prying

No one likes to feel like Big Brother is watching. In this case, there may be such a thing as too much information. Once you have seen an issue via social media, it is hard to ignore. While it is good to know when your tenant is starting a pet daycare out of your house, you may also see smaller, borderline offenses that could be difficult to navigate without seeming overbearing.


This decision is a personal one. Consider whether you would like the tenant to treat your relationship strictly on business terms, or whether you enjoy the crossover with your personal life.

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