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Streamline New Tenant Move-In with a Video

by Editor | ezLandlordForms
Tenant Move-in Video

As you reach the next step in the leasing process, rental lease agreement, and move in, it’s crucial to follow the same process to help streamline tenant move-in. While forms and checklists are an important part of this process –– and we provide you with many helpful move-in lists –– a simplified way to handle communicating all of the information your new tenant needs to know is with a video.

While you may be used to sending emails, printing out checklists, and reviewing information in person with tenants, all of those steps can be replaced with a click of a button. By simply sending this video to your new tenants, you’ll cut out all of those steps and provide them with a resource that walks them through each step on their own time. A perk is that they can quickly review it at their leisure and as many times as they wish.

So, what does the video cover?

Lease Details

From reviewing and signing a lease –– ideally with e-sign functionality to the benefit of both the landlord and lessee –– to what the lease itself will contain. A brief overview of the lease’s important aspects, including the amount of rent, its due date, fines for late rent, and the term.

Additionally, it gives an overview of the rules and regulations. For instance, don’t cause a disturbance with the neighbors; you must abide by all federal, state, and local laws; your security deposit can never be applied to your rent; you may be responsible for minor repairs.

It also points out to your tenant that they are subject to fines or possible eviction if they were to violate terms of the lease.

What to Do Before and After Move-In

Instead of sending emails or trading phone calls with your incoming tenant regarding what their responsibilities are before move-in or recommended best practices, let this video handle it. It covers everything from turning on any utilities that they are responsible for, to taking out renter’s insurance on the property, and more.

It reminds your tenants of all the pesky things that new tenants often need hand-holding about –– how to handle waste management, what the parking situation or agreement is, where the water shut off and electrical panels are located, and beyond.

Think of it as a handy, easy to digest reminder for all the things they’ll forget to ask. These reminders include clarifying who is responsible for property and landscape maintenance since this also differs by property. Of course, it reminds them to do the ever-important (and usually neglected) property walkthrough prior to moving in.

Communication with the Landlord

A few times throughout the video, your tenant is reminded to keep the lines of communication open. That means asking questions about specific portions of the lease they may not understand as well as following the appropriate maintenance request procedure. It also reminds them that the property must be returned in the same state in which they moved in, or they’re liable for any damages, including those exceeding their security deposit.

To sum it up, this video takes the guesswork out of the lease signing and tenant move-in process for both you and your new tenants. Its user-friendly, easy-to-digest format means tenants will be more likely to absorb the information and keep them from asking you to clarify details. Overall, by using this video, both you and your tenants should find move-in to be a frictionless process.

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Jenny E Lane
Jenny E Lane
3 years ago

Excellent video!

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