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The Skinny on Micro-Cottages: Rental Income, Mobility & Minimalism

by Editor | ezLandlordForms

Micro-cottages need little introduction in the way of concept, but their uses, designs and purpose vary as much as the imaginations of those who create them.

Some people sell their sprawling suburban homes and live in them.  Others build them on their properties, as guest lodging, or an in-law apartment or extra rental income.  Others hitch them to their car and travel across the continent with them.  Others minimize their environmental footprint with them.  Some combine these functions in ingenious ways.

Consider a micro-cottage that can be rented out to chic-minded travelers through sites like Airbnb for half of each month, bringing in an extra $450/month, ten months out of the year.  Then you slip it onto a trailer and go on a two-month tour of the American Southwest, setting it down wherever the desert vista calls to you.

Or perhaps imagine living with a zero carbon footprint, with a micro-cottage that features rainwater reclamation, composting toilets and a garden roof.  If that sounds too extreme, maybe it merely serves as guest lodging, putting some extra separation between you and your kooky spinster aunt when she comes and visits.  Eco-friendly tourists are also suckers for this sort of thing, and love to rent these imaginative dwellings for a night or three in the course of their travels.

We could go on, of course, but we know you really just want to check out a bunch of pictures of these, so enjoy the following photo essay!

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This is the same property as displayed above.  It’s designed to be exceptionally eco-friendly, with a green roof with plants growing from it, rainwater reclaimation barrels and a composting toilet. 

Images courtesy of Homedit.comThis cute house is only 10×16 feet!  But a wraparound porch, ample land and a  picnic table add to the rustic, expansive charm of this miniature gem.
Courtesy of CountryPlans.comDesigned for mobility, this tiny home has a wood-burning stove, a double bed, ample storage compartments, a built-in desk and more.Interior of mobile vacation cottageCourtesy of Homedit.comCourtesy of Houseplans.comThis hidden gem is a vacation rental retreat was built off-site in one month but now currently resides on this lake.  It is slightly larger at 275 square feet, and is eco-friendly with a green roof and composting toilet.  Heating is provided by a wood-burning stove.Porch and bedroomCourtesy of Homedit.com

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