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Transferring Your Rental Tasks into the Tech-Savvy World

by Editor | ezLandlordForms
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As a landlord, there seems to be an endless to-do list. No matter how on top of it you stay, there are often not enough hours in the day. With tasks to handle from listing and showing the property to screening applicants to accept or reject them, sending and countersigning leases, and more –– you’ve got your hands full, now is the time to utilize rental tech.

In 2020, it’s never been more critical to find ways to streamline your business with online solutions to keep current as a landlord, attract tech-savvy renters, and, most of all, keep your life as simple as possible.

Fortunately, you’re not alone. Even if you’re running your landlord business solo, ezLandlordForms is here to help. With convenient online solutions and support from rental applications and screening services through leasing, move-in, move-out, and more, you’ll be supported in your every business endeavor.

By shifting these manual processes to online, often automated ones, you’ll successfully bring your rentals into the tech-savvy world. Save yourself time and feel confident that you’re running the best, most competitive business you can by using industry-current, digital tools.

Streamline Tenant Screening with Rental Tech

After you’ve listed your property, and you have piqued interest –- now what? You’ll need to screen your prospective tenants. Starting with a rental application and ending with income verification, credit, and background checks, it’s a laborious process when done manually. Instead, why not streamline it with online services?

Using the same, detailed rental application for all prospective tenants for any property saves you time, headache, and against the potential for allegations of discrimination. Now the part that will save you hours on each hopeful applicant: digital, one-stop-shop credit, and background checks. With the click of a button, you’ll kick-off a seamless process that allows results to be sent directly to you.  

Create Customized, Online Lease

With a customizable, online lease, you’ll be able to quickly pull together everything you need for your latest tenant lease agreement. In just a matter of minutes, you’ll have a compliant, strong lease at your fingertips, complete with the appropriate form, addenda, and disclosures. Easily send electronically to your lessees.

Online, E-Sign Functionality 

The advantages of an online lease creation would be undercut if you had to print and physically sign that same lease. Luckily, there’s a better way. With e-sign functionality from ezLandlordForms, you’ll not only stay up-to-date and inspire confidence in your savvy as a landlord, but you’ll also quickly receive signed leases and facilitate renewals with only a few clicks. It’s mutually beneficial for landlord and tenant alike to have easy, convenient, searchable access to the lease on any computer or phone.

Improve Cash Flow 

Landlords who use online services to manage their properties receive their rent on-time 72.4% of the time compare to the average of 66.7% among all landlords. Even if you have tenants who pay on time, it’s still a headache to deal with rent collection –– even if it comes to your mailbox. Cashing checks, and hoping they don’t bounce, is something a landlord need not worry about with streamlined, online payments. 
As you can see, the best, simplest move you can make to improve your business is bringing it into the digital era.

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Mike Mead
Mike Mead
3 years ago

It would be even better if EZ-Landlord offered a way for the Landlord to upload any additional closing documents of their own that they require for the tenant to sign prior to moving in. Having a way to upload these documents so the tenant is able to insert/add their e-signature on them at the same time that they are already signing the lease, addendum, and disclosures would completely eliminate any unnecessary contact and make the entire closing process (at least e-signing all required documents) done online.

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