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Where to find Landlording Support

by Editor | ezLandlordForms
Where to Find Landlord Support and Help

Being a landlord can pay off financially, but a landlord’s wealth is accumulated from hard work! Every landlord eventually runs into Murphy’s Law, when “Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” When you run into a new situation as a landlord, you may be wondering how to handle it. Whether your issue has to do with finances, your tenants, or an issue with the unit itself, there are resources out there to help. Even though you may be self-employed as a landlord, you do not have to go it alone!

Webinars – ezLandlordForms offers monthly webinars covering various landlord topics. Each webinar includes an informational presentation as well as time for questions and support.

ezLandlordForms Question and Answer Forum – This online forum is a place for you to post your questions and get answers from our network of landlords, investors, and other real estate professionals. You can also search our archives to check out previous conversations related to any topic. It is a great place to get a number of views about the issue at hand.

Social Meetup Groups – Search for local meetup groups in your area. You may find groups that are specifically focused or more generalized. In some cities you may have several meetups to choose from, whereas in a less populated area you may not have as many options.

Facebook Groups – You can find groups on Facebook, such as Landlord Round Table and Military Landlords. The groups are a great place to collect sound advice, share issues, and gather opinions. The pages cover a broad range of topics.

Connecting with people – Check out your local business organizations and Chamber of Commerce. You may connect with other local business owners, and find real people who can help you out when you need it.

With these support systems, you will have a listening ear, a place to get a variety of opinions, and an outlet to blow off some steam. Hearing someone else’s cautionary tale might save you from learning a lesson the hard way. Just keep in mind that different people you connect with might offer different advice. If you remember to take each piece of advise with a grain of salt, you can gain a lot by increasing your connections. And if you find that you would like more connections, you may consider starting your own group!

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Debra Burke
Debra Burke
5 years ago

Has anyone every had to deal with lead abatement issues with the state ?

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