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Furnished Rental Agreement Legal Battle According to the local sheriff’s office, landlords just outside Scott Mills, Oregon found one of their tenants holding a yard sale and attempting to sell furniture. The landlord’s furniture, that is.  The landlords, upon finding out this news alerted the local news outlet, KGW Channel 8 to assist them in stopping the sale.

A few days before the big sale, the landlords said they began getting phone calls about flyers that had been posted in the community. Needless to say, the landlords were angry and frustrated. But since the law states landlords cannot enter their rental property without a proper 24-hour notice, all they could do was sit at the bottom of their driveway and try to convince people not to purchase their furniture. According to the owners, most of the potential buyers went back home.

The landlords were quoted as saying the tenant was conducting a robbery right before their eyes while the tenant maintained he was holding an admissible estate sale. Cars from all over town began pouring into the “estate sale” while the husband and wife landlords watched in awe. The landlords said they have rented to their tenant for several years and that the rental agreement stated that the rental unit was furnished.

According to the news station, the tenant had no comment when asked what she was attempting to do. Friends of the tenant claim she said they the owners had sold her the furniture and she was rightfully selling her furniture. The landlords disagreed.

The sheriff at first said their hands were tied due to the fact that it was a civil situation. Later in the day though, two more sheriffs stopped by along with the sergeant. The sergeant asked the tenant to end the estate sale and she cooperated.

The landlords pursued eviction the following Monday.

The silver lining in this cautionary tale is that the landlords had the foresight to sign a furnished rental agreement, preventing a he-said/she-said situation. While this remains only one landlord-tenant incident out of millions that occur every year throughout the United States, it illustrates a broader point that landlords need to protect themselves against unpredictable tenant situations, with comprehensive and state-specific rental agreements.

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