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Infographic: House Hunting – Rental Properties Across the Nation

by Editor | ezLandlordForms
House hunting infographic

Whether you’re an investor looking for your next rental property or a tenant looking for a new home, you know how exhausting it can be to find the ideal rental unit. If you’re one of the thousands of people house-hunting in today’s market, we put together House Hunting: Rental Properties Across the Nation with you in mind.

Both landlords and tenants have a lot on their plate when searching for a rental property that’s ideal for leasing, and the many potential problems when on the hunt can be frustrating. Mold, bugs, old paint and flooring, and limited or tight parking spots are just a few of the issues to look out for during your search. Other factors to consider include the average price of homes versus rental rates in the region, the schools available in the area, and convenience and proximity to stores, public transit, and highways. It doesn’t hurt to check out some of the most affordable cities available for renting and investing, either, especially if you’re not tied to one location. As investors know, the best places to invest are those areas where the demand to buy homes hasn’t driven prices up too high yet, but is projected to rise (and may have already started). So before you’re well on your way to investing or renting and signing the residential lease or apartment lease agreement, check out these important tips to make your search less stressful.

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