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Quebec Landlord-Tenant Law Summary

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quebec landlord tenant law

Want to understand Quebec landlord tenant law? Keep reading.

Are written rental agreements required?
Quebec does not require a written agreement. If a landlord decides to have a written rental agreement it MUST be the official Quebec-approved form. These forms are ONLY sold in the offices of the Régie du Logement and in Quebec bookstores. If a landlord decides to do an oral agreement, they must give the tenant the form “Mandatory Writing” within 10 days from the start of tenancy. This form is also available only in the offices of the Régie du Logement or in Quebec bookstores.

Can landlords collect a security deposit?
Landlords can not charge a security deposit in Quebec. Collecting the last months rent in advance is also not allowed.

Are signed inspection reports required?
Although it is not required in Quebec to have a inspection report, it is recommended.

What is the right of entry for a landlord in Quebec?
The landlord must give 24 hours verbal notice before entering into the rental unit, except in the case of an emergency. The landlord may only enter the premises between the hours of 7 AM and 7 PM to make minor repairs, and the hours of 9 AM and 9 PM to show the property to prospective renters or buyers.

What are the laws regarding rent increases?
Landlords may not increase rent for a tenant whose term is less than 12 months. On tenancies longer than 12 months, rent increases are permitted. The landlord and tenant may adjust the amount together, when permitted. Both the landlord and tenant have the right to contact the Régie du Logement if the increase is unreasonable. The Notice of Rent Increase and Modification of Another Condition of the Lease may be used to increase rent.

Quebec Landlord-Tenant IssuesWhat is the proper way to end a tenancy?

  • For a fixed term lease agreement that is more the 6 months, the landlord must give 6 months’ notice before the lease term expiration to end the tenancy.
  • For a fixed term of six months or less, the landlord must give one month’s notice before the lease expiration, to end the tenancy.
  • For a lease agreement with an undetermined ending date, the landlord must give 6 months’ notice before reclaiming the property.

To end a tenancy, the official form that can be used is called the Notice of Repossession.

How can the Régie du Logement be contacted?
Visit the Régie du Logement’s web-site, or they can be reached by telephone as well: from Montréal, Laval and Longueuil : 514-873-2245 and for other locations: 800-683-2245.

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