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New Brunswick Landlord-Tenant Law Summary

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What types of leases are permitted in New Brunswick?
The only lease permitted in New Brunswick is the standard form New Brunswick Residential Lease Agreement. This lease is a prescribed form that contains the specific rules and obligations that the landlord and tenant must follow while abiding New Brunswick law. The landlord and tenant must sign two copies, and each must keep a copy.

What are the laws regarding a security deposit?
Security deposits are paid in the beginning of a tenancy. A landlord may only charge an amount equal to one weeks rent for a weekly tenancy. In a month to month, year to year, or fixed term tenancy; the landlord may charge no more than the amount equal to one months rent. All deposits must be paid to the Office of the Rentalsman.

When is the landlord permitted to enter the rented premises?
If there is an emergency, the tenant abandons the property, housekeeping is provided as part of the lease or the tenant agrees to permit the landlord entrance, then no notice is needed. Seven days’ notice is needed when the landlord must enter to make (non-emergency) repairs. Twenty-four hours’ notice is required when a landlord needs to show the property to prospects, whether a buyer or renter. A landlord may only enter the rental between the hours of 8 AM – 8 PM. The landlord may not enter the premises on a Sunday or a Holiday.

What are the guidelines and laws to increasing the tenant’s rent?
There are no rent controls in New Brunswick. A landlord may increase the rent at any time during the tenancy, but must give proper notice.

  • Week to week/month to month tenancy: 2 months advance notice is needed before raising the rent.
  • Year to year tenancy: 3 months advance notice is needed to the rent increase.
  • Fixed term tenancy: 3 months notice in advance, before increasing the rent. (if box 4(5)(a) in the Residential Lease Standard Form has been checked.)

What is the proper notice for a landlord to end a tenancy?
To end a lease in New Brunswick proper notice is required.

  • For a fixed term lease, the lease automatically ends on the end date of the tenancy.
  • For a week to week tenancy, the landlord must give the tenant 1 weeks notice from the date of rent due.
  • For a month to month tenancy, the landlord must give the tenant 1 months notice in advance, to end the tenancy.
  • For a year-to-year tenancy, the landlord must give 3 months advance notice, from the anniversary of the lease.

How can a resident of New Brunswick, Canada contact the Office of Rentalsman?

Bathurst- Executive Tower
161 Main Street
Bathurst, New Brunswick
E2A 1A6
(506) 547-2522

Campbellton- City Centre Mall
157 Water Street
Campbellton, New Brunswick
E3N 3L4
(506) 789-2210

Edmundston- Carrefour Assomption
121 de l’Église Street
Edmundston, New Brunswick
E3V 3J9
(506) 735-2000

Fredericton- City Centre
432 Queen Street
Fredericton, New Brunswick
E3B 1B6
(506) 453-2557

Moncton- Assumption Place
770 Main Street
Moncton, New Brunswick
E1C 1E7
(506) 856-2330

Saint John, Fundy Region-
King’s Square North
Floor: 2
15 King’s Square North
Saint John, New Brunswick
E2L 1E6
(506) 658-2512

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Barry bordage
Barry bordage
5 years ago

In a boarding house month to month agreement , what notice does the tennant have to give to end a tennant?

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